New Forest Kennels & Cattery

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Working With Us


Currently, there are no jobs available. Check back later for any new jobs that we have.

We require all staff to have a minimum Level Two Animal Qualification.

a tri coloured cat looking at the camera
happy husky looking at the camera


We'd love to welcome volunteers onto our friendly animal-loving team. If you have a passion for animals and have time to be scheduled on our rota, then get in touch.

Send us a message explaining the relevant qualifications and experience you have. We do require all volunteers to have a minimum Level Two Animal Qualification.

I love working here! Getting to work with animals is my dream, it can be emotionally hard sometimes but it's extremely rewarding. The owner genuinely cares about us as a team, I truly feel valued and appreciated for the work I do.

- Heather

I love this job, it's a great environment to work in, with a very friendly and loving team! Knowing that we always do right by the animals and put their care first, I would feel happy to leave my pets in our team's care, and I know that customers can trust us to look after their pets too.

- Sinead

I love working with the dogs and cats and the people I work with too. I feel I am treated as a valued team member. Walking the dogs is wonderful, especially taking them 1-1 in the forest. Helping nervous dogs to settle and come out of their shells on their first visit is also very rewarding. 

- Beth

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Testimonials From Our Team

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