New Forest Kennels & Cattery

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Frequently Asked Cattery Questions

It can be a challenge to choose the best place to take care of your precious cat...

We always do our utmost to help your beloved kitties settle in quickly and happily, reassuring you that your kitty will be in a safe, secure environment, in compassionate, experienced and qualified hands during your absence.

We welcome any further questions you may have to help put your mind at ease.

Can you brush my cat?

We are more than happy to brush your cat to ensure their coat does not get matted. However, we do ask that you bring their own brush from home, so we use one that they are familiar with and love already.

Our cattery area is completely secure so the downstairs of the chalet is effectively outdoor. It is exposed to fresh air, sunlight and nature stimulating even the most outdoorsy cat senses.

Will my cat be allowed to socialise with the other residents?

All cats from separate households have their own chalets, and each enjoys their own little piece of paradise. We do not mix any cats from different households together.

Can I bring my cat's scratching post?

Please feel free to bring your cat tree / scratching post along, and any other familiar comforts from home that they would enjoy during their stay.

Each chalet has an individually controllable thermostatic heat lamp combined with ample blankets for comfort and warmth. 

To keep your cat cool, our cattery is lovely and shaded under plenty of trees and shrubbery which keeps it cool and breezy throughout.

Are you ready to book your kitty into our cattery?