New Forest Kennels & Cattery

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Offering Man's Best Friend A Wooftastic Holiday In Our Kennels

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Every kennel has an indoor and an outdoor area, with bedding and plenty of blankets. They have individual heat lamps set at a cosy temperature to keep them warm, and an air conditioning unit in each block for the hot summer months.

We have beautiful securely enclosed paddocks and large secure fields, as well as a playground area + scent and sensory trails for the doggies to run around and test their skills and noses. For those dogs who are more interested in a snuggle, we have two cuddle rooms with sofas to cosy up on with a team member.

Our Spaces


Our thorough cleaning routine ensures their home away from home is thoroughly cleaned and refreshed daily and as needed. We also take pride in ensuring the entire environment, including the blocks, paddocks and field, are also properly clean.



For complete peace of mind when leaving your pet behind, you need to know they are safe in reliable, experienced & caring hands. 

We provide:

- Evening welfare checks (cuddles & treats included) to ensure that your pet is settled, healthy and happy 

- 24/7 CCTV 

- Secure gated access

- Person on site 24/7


We feed as per your instructions at the intervals your dog is used to. We cater for each dog's individual needs, so we encourage you to bring their usual food along & any treats too!

We can also happily provide food & treats if you'd prefer, so we offer Harringtons grain-free wet & dry food for a small daily surcharge.



We provide comfortable bedding for your pup to snuggle up warm & cosy, and have a selection of raised beds, tub beds, or snuggle fabric beds

Please feel free to bring along a small washable labelled blanket for a sense of home comfort.

We also welcome the provision of robust non-squeaky toys for your dog to play & enjoy, but we hope, not destroy! So, providing toys & bedding is entirely at your discretion! 


Our beautiful securely enclosed paddocks and large secure fields allow your dog to have complete freedom to run, explore, mooch and sniff, or make friends. Each dog is exercised individually unless they are from the same household.

We walk all dogs twice daily as a minimum.

Should your dog have limited mobility or needs a more gentle experience, we can instead provide a shorter lead walk, varying their outings in different areas of our secure and expansive site.


Each animal in our care is one of a kind, so whether they are one-eyed, three-legged, have bad teeth, ears, eyes, arthritis, anxiety, skin issues, or whatever the issue (excluding diabetics / IV needs), we will always be happy to adapt to provide specifically for their individual needs.

We monitor each animal throughout the day, particularly for any significant behavioural and health changes. If your dog falls ill during their stay, we will seek appropriate medical attention 24/7 wherever necessary. We will happily administer any medications or supplements orally at the required intervals.


3 dogs playing in a field
3 dogs playing in a field

For sociable dogs who love to make new friends, we now hold play sessions with friendly dogs! We assess your dog first based on several factors such as age, temperament, energy levels & any health considerations, and group them up with other suitable dogs for supervised play sessions! These fun sessions are included free of charge!

XL Bully Policy

If you are looking for a kennel to care for your XL Bully, then we are happy to help*. Sadly, XL Bullys are being added to the Breed-Specific Legislation. But with the right paperwork, we are more than happy to care for them, giving them a fun and cuddle-filled holiday.

* Your XL Bully must abide by the Contingent Destruction Order conditions:

  1. They must be spayed or neutered
  2. They are identifiable with a microchip
  3. They must be registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs and a certificate issued to the owner
  4. You must have active third-party insurance for your XL Bully

For all new XL Bullys coming to stay with us, they must complete a taster day and a taster overnight stay before their longer holiday. Find out more about our taster days on our Taster Day Page.

Please bring your XL Bullys Microchip number (found on your vaccination card or Vet Records), exemption certificate, valid proof of insurance and their muzzle with you when booking them in and email them to in advance to avoid any issues.