New Forest Kennels & Cattery

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Taster days allow your dog to stay in our kennels for a day to experience a short introduction to a brand-new environment away from home.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your dog will settle in and they will enjoy their longer holiday!

a group of four dogs playing with eachother in a field

It is important for your dog to understand that they are reunited with their family, which ensures they enjoy extended holiday stays free from anxiety or confusion wondering where you are.

What Do We Recommend?


We start with a fun taster day where you drop your dog off in the morning and then collect them in the afternoon. This introduction helps to gently ease them into the new environment, meet the team, and experience our routine, but the key is to help them understand they are reunited with their family and that they do return home!



The taster overnight stay is a building block, offering a full kennel experience. This allows your dog to adjust to sleeping in a kennel away from home and the morning routine too. This additional night stay positively reinforces they come to have a fun time and provides extra reassurance that they don't need to worry about going home. 



Now your dog is ready to have a fun-filled holiday! We've found that many dogs settle in much better after having a taster day and overnight, rather than just being dropped off for a long stay.

Find out more about what we recommend that you bring for your beloved pets' stay.


Drop-off between 10 am - 10.30 am

Collect between 3.30 pm - 4pm

Viewing Us

If you want to have a look around our kennels, we encourage you to come for a viewing before your taster day.

This is because we are settling your doggie into their kennel, and they may become distressed if they see you in our kennel space during the viewing and look for you throughout the day.

Visit us for a viewing anytime between 11am and 12:30pm 7 days a week. No appointment is needed, just show up!

Who Needs Taster Days?


Dogs under 1 year old must have a taster day and taster night stay before their holiday due to our licensing rules. A brand new environment for puppies is often an exciting experience, and we do our best to avoid it feeling overwhelming. In the early stages when you're away, help your pup feel reassured and on holiday, so they have a positive association and settle at our kennels for life!

New To Kennels

If your dog has never been in a kennel before, it's important to provide reassurance with a taster day and night. This allows them them to experience being away from home and adapt to new surroundings. We love getting to know your dog before their longer holiday to ensure they are happy and content, having a pawsome time while you're away, for however long for whatever the reason.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs may sadly associate kennels with a negative experience of being abandoned and their entire life-changing. They may also be more nervous to leave their owners, so ensuring they understand they will go home is an important and essential part of them enjoying future stays. Help reassure your dog they haven't been abandoned again, and they will go back to the home they know and love!

New To Us

Every kennel runs differently, so although your dog has been in a kennel environment before, we still strongly recommend a taster day. It offers your dog peace of mind that you will still return to collect them and this helps avoid them feeling confused. It helps them to experience our routine and for them to meet the team and to prepare them better for their longer holiday.

Give Your Pawsome Pup A Happy Holiday


"I was worried about my 4-month-old puppy staying overnight so the team suggested a taster day stay beforehand. Everyone was so friendly and nice. When I collected my puppy he was having so much fun he didn't want to come home. Thank you everyone and he can't wait for his next stay."

Debbie - Pet Owner



Kennels are different to a home environment with lots of new smells, noises and a new routine too. Occasionally this can be overwhelming for some dogs. Giving them time here before a longer stay positively introduces them to a new situation and ensures they settle in pawesomely for extended holidays.


It is important to help avoid your dog feeling confused or anxious wondering where their family is. Having a taster day prevents your dog from feeling stressed and abandoned and we find that dogs settle in much better knowing they will be reunited with their family, and do return home. 


Knowing your dog is safe, having fun, getting lots of TLC and having a wonderful holiday gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your own. Taster days ensure you know how your dog copes away from home, so you can make the best choice for them. If you provide peace of mind for your dog you will benefit from it too! 

kennel workers taking dogs out for a forest walk

Meeting our lovely team is a crucial part of your beloved pets stay. We work hard to build a bond of trust with your dog so they are happy and comfortable being cared for by us. Every dog has their own unique personality and we strive to understand them as an individual, figuring out what makes them tick, to ensure we can offer a fun extended holiday personalised to doing what they love!


We give open and honest feedback on how your pawfect pups taster day and night has been. Offering plenty of TLC, we observe their behaviour and do our very best to ensure your dog is as comfortable, happy and settled as possible.

Sometimes further taster sessions are extremely beneficial for nervous dogs to achieve a content pup for longer stays. Hundreds of dogs who have been introduced positively with taster sessions return with waggy tails and excited grins ready for their holiday to begin.

a Pekinese dog in the reception are
a black dog looking at the camera

In rare situations, often where separation anxiety is a primary concern we may suggest alternatives to a kennel environment if we are concerned about how your dog would settle for a 2+ week stay.

Our goal is to provide a caring and exciting environment committed to the care of your beloved dog, so when you are away for whatever reason, you don't need to worry knowing your dog is enjoying their holiday!


We understand that taster days aren't always possible...

Whilst we highly recommend booking a taster day for your dog, we know that it's not always feasible. If a taster day is not possible, we do require details for a suitable emergency contact.

We will try to help your dog settle in and enjoy their holiday as much as we can. However, any dog that doesn't settle may need to be collected by the emergency contact provided, and you will still be liable for the full payment of the booking.