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Understanding Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety is when a dog is overly attached to their family or a certain family member, and become anxious when they aren't around. This can show through trembling, soiling themselves, barking or wining, overgrooming or destroying furniture.


- Changes of guardian: if your dog is suddenly left with a new person or a new kennel, they may feel abandoned by their owners

- Changes in routine: if your dog is used to you working from home then suddenly you need to work in the office for 8 hours, they may get separation anxiety as they are suddenly alone for long periods of time.

- Changes in household: if someone leaves the house, such as if they pass away or move out, this may trigger separation anxiety.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

  • Urinating and defecating
  • Destructive behaviour - including chewing and destroying furniture or doorways
  • Vocalisation - including barking, whining and howling
  • Trembling or panting
  • Excessive salivation or vomiting
  • Pacing
  • Self-harm - including tail biting or excessive paw licking
dog with a ball

How Do You Deal With Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

Every dog is different, and there can be several solutions to tackling separation anxiety depending on the severity, so we would recommend speaking to a specialist dog behaviourist.

In our experience, we've found that some dogs with separation anxiety are best left in the comfort of their home with a home sitter to care for them. However, we would be more than happy to have a chat to find out if we can support your dog in a kennel environment.

We've found that building up your dog's time in the kennel gradually helps alleviate separation anxiety compared to those who suddenly get left for longer stays.

We regularly work with owners whose dogs suffer from mild separation anxiety. We recommend booking a few Taster Day and Taster Overnight Stays to get them used to the environment and help reassure them that they go home at the end and haven't been abandoned by their owner.

We use this ethos on Taster Stays, giving them a fun-filled time in our kennels and getting picked up by their owners at the end of it offers a positive experience for them to enjoy!